On the Podium
FLTourer's 2008
Phillip Island
MotoGP Trip

The FLTourers' group made their 13th consecutive trip to the Phillip Island MotoGP on October 1st, leaving Orange at about 10 past 8 in the morning, and arriving back at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon of October 7th.

The trip was excellently organised by Ian "Fearless" Hallet. Ian arranged the accommodation, planned the trip - down to the nearest minute - and made sure that on-the-road, all riders knew where the next stop was.

*** A big thank-you to Ian. ***

Another thank-you goes to Brett for running the awards night at the New Albury Hotel. I get the feeling that he enjoys giving people heaps! The Awards will be published on the net very soon now. [They can be scanned and sent to me if desired.]

Highlights of the trip include:

  • The meticulous Hoppy having his clothes fall out of his pannier, near ... [Can someone fill me in on where this occurred.] To make matters worse, Greg and Davo rode over the RM Williams and knickers. We have been assured that the skid marks are smaller than normally on the knickers.
  • Jack losing his way home at San Remo, and spending the night on a Park Bench without any warm clothing. The taxi driver took him to the wrong caravan park, but eventually he wandered in at about 4:30 in the morning.
  • Ian with no brakes after having the front tire replaced. Many hands, including Brett, Colin and John, used very scientific methods (such as banging randomly on the front disks, and using a 'pedal' for the hand brake) to get the brakes back in working order.
  • please send me more highlights worth remembering in years to come.
  • The route for the trip can be found at the motowhere website. Note that the route does not include comments at this stage, and does not include the detour to Tathra. Maybe next year, this first attempt can be improved!

    Photos of the trip can be found at:
  • Flickr.
  • Brett's photos on the Yahoo FLTourers Group webpage
  • James' photos on the Yahoo FLTourers Group webpage
  • Videos of the trip can be found at:
  • poor quality video of southern loop on practice day
  • poor quality video of my view on race day
  • poor quality video of the crowd at the podium
  • poor quality video of the traffic leaving Phillip Island
  • poor quality video of the race
  • Climate and weather reports can be found at:
  • a Bureau of Meteorology climate report
  • the weather forecasts before leaving
  • the wind speed at Bairnsdale on that windy Friday
  • the wind speed at Sale on that windy Friday
  • Sounds of the MotoGP can be found at:
  • the sound of the MotoGP
  • Also of interest is

  • a "Two Wheels" article describing an earlier Phillip Island MotoGP
  • In preparation for the trip:
  • a list of travellers
  • things to pack
  • the itinerary provided by Ian Hallett
  • Summary of the trip:
  • Fuel consumption record for the Suzuki GS500F
  • Expenses Record for Greg Vinall
  • Things learnt from this trip