Bicycle Training Rides Around Bathurst

Want to know when groups go for rides around Bathurst?  The following list includes a few of the many rides arranged on a weekly basis, with an indication of the ‘seriousness’ of each ride, and when and where to meet.

  • Monday 7am
  • Tuesday 6:15am
    • from Eglinton Fire Station Cnr Freemantle & Duramana Rds
    • to Duramana & “euro” climb (3.5% average gradient). Return via 11 mile drive.
    • Easy pace on way out, Group regroups at top of climb. Pace can sometimes be 40kmh+ rolling turns on way back.
  • Tuesday 6:00pm
  • Wednesday 6am
    • from Banjos
    • fast pace, often 35-40kph
  • Wednesday 6:30am
    • from Aldi
    • medium pace, averaging about 26kph
    • concentrates on hill work
  • Thursday 6pm
    • from Loxley House
    • Casual pace to the church or the quarry
    • BADBUGS ride.
  • Friday 6am
    • from Banjos
    • fast pace, often 35-40kph
  • Friday 6:30am
    • from Service Station cnr Rocket and Bant Sts
    • fast pace concentrating on speed
    • normally out past Newbridge turn-off after George’s Plains (‘Skippy’)
    • usually finishes at Banjos for coffee.
  • Friday 7am
  • Saturday 7am/8am
    • 7am during daylight savings time, 8am during other times
    • from the Police Station in George St
    • casual pace, waiting at intervals to regroup
    • distance of about 45km
    • usually finishes at The Hub for coffee, etc
    • BADBUGS ride.
  • Sunday 8:30am/9:30am
    • 8:30am Nov-Feb, 9:30am Mar-Oct
    • starts at Perthville.
  • Bathurst Cycle Club races
    • see Bathurst Cycling Club
    • generally from Perthville.
    • In Summer, on Sundays from 9am
    • In Winter, on Saturdays from 2pm

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  1. Tuesday morning ride 6.15am (all year round ) departs from Eglinton Fire Station Cnr Freemantle & Duramana Rds heads out to Duramana & “euro” climb. Climb from turnaround at bottom of the “euro” is about 3.5km average 6%. Easy pace on way out,group regroups at top of climb.Pace can sometimes be 40kmh+ rolling turns on way back into town via 11 mile drive

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