Openhab (In)compatibilities

In my experience, some devices work nicely with openHAB, and some don’t. Below are my experiences for the system I was running in May 2020…

The following items do not work well with openHAB:

  • Wemo Insight Switches
    • they worked well, and then all of a sudden stopped working. Openhab could not see them to control them. I tried many factors to find out why/when the Wemo Insights stopped working, but to no avail
  • Dlink DCH-100 switches. Same as above with the Wemo switches.
  • Daikin BRP072A42 controller. This is a 50-50 case. It works most of the time, but fairly regularly, the state changes from ONLINE to OFFLINE (Communication Error), and I need to restart openHAB. The error is not so annoying now that I have set a cron job (actually Launchctl job on MacOS) to restart openHAB twice a day.

The following items work well with openHAB:

  • TPlink HS-100 smart switches
  • Roborock S5Max robot vacuum cleaners
  • iCloud devices (eg iPhone, iPad, Macbook)
  • Dlink DCH 5150 motion sensors
  • Plex clients

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