2009 Phillip Island MotoGP Trip
The 2009 trip to Phillip Island includes James and Cheryl Johnson, and myself, Greg Vinall, on bikes (Honda CB 1300 and Suzuki GS500F respectively), leaving from Canberra; Owen and Marree Bruce from the South Coast, in a caravan, after volunteering with Blaze Aid; and Warren and Carol Bruce flying down to Melbourne, and hiring a car for the weekend. I am leaving Bathurst on Wednesday 14th, staying overnight with James and Cheryl. The three of us leave for Phillip Island on the Thursday, arriving at Phillip Island on Friday evening.


  • At Bright on Thursday evening, we are staying at the Alpine Hotel
  • At Cowes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, we are staying in the cottage (Birdwood St, Cowes).
  • At Tallangatta on Monday night, we are staying in the Tallangatta Hotel
  • Planned Route:
  • I will be travelling to Canberra from Bathurst via Black Springs, Taralga, and Goulburn.
  • Heading south, the Canberra crew will probably go ......... Cooma, Cabramurra, Corryong, Tallangatta, Mt Beauty and overnight at Bright. The next day, Mt Hotham, Bairnsdale, Morewell, Inverloch, Cowes.
  • Heading home, We are thinking, Healsville, Mansfield (to bludge a coffee off some friends), Beechworth, and overnight at Wodonga or Tallangatta. From there, Corryong, Khancoban, Thredbo, Cooma, Canberra.
  • This gives us two goes at the Snowies on different roads.

  • Actual Route:
    As it turned out, because of the inclement weather (snow and ice) which closed the roads over the Snowies, in both NSW and Victoria, the actual route taken was different (!).
    • I travelled from Bathurst to Canberra via Black Springs, Oberon, Taralga, Goulburn, Taraga, and Queanbeyan. [Note that the Beaconsfield Road from O'Connell is NOT bitumised all of the way to Black Springs, and cost me about an extra quarter hour of travel]
    • From Canberra, James, Cheryl and myself travelled to Bright from Canberra via Yass, Gilgandra, Tumut, Batlow, Tumbarrumba, Corryong, Tallangatta, Kiewa, and Tawonga.
    • From Bright, we rode to Cowes via Myrtleford, Oxley, Whitfield, Mansfield, Marysville, Healesville, Pakenham, and Koo Wee Rup.
    • Our return trip took us to Tallangatta via Pakenham, Warburton (bypassing Cockatoo), Reefton Spur, Marysville, Mansfield, Oxley, Myrtleford, route 534, and across the Ovens River.
    • From Tallangatta we travelled to Canberra via Corryong, Elliot's Way, Cabramurra, and Cooma.
    • I returned to Bathurst along the same route as day 1.
    The actual stops and times can be found here. At Motowhere, you will find the mapped route down, and the mapped route back.

    Details of the 2008 trip can be found here.
    At the Track
    • The Suzuki GS500F's fuel consumption averaged out at 4.52 litres per 100km (62.25 mpg).
    • The trip cost me $954.68, about $180 more than last year.
    • I ended up 2kg heavier...time for a diet!
    • Things to buy for next year:
      • a camping towel,
      • a little spray can of O-ring Chain Lube,
      • small chamois for cleaning the visor, and
      • a puncture repair kit.
    • Things that I packed but did not use:
      • the towel
      • the sunscreen
    • Memorable events include:
      • the cold wet conditions for the first 5 days. Our 'wets' were on for almost the entire time, and the roads over the Snowies were closed due to snow.
      • the scenery through the Snowy Valleys Way. Lush green rolling hills around Tumut, Batlow and Tumbarumba.
      • a huge downpour at Tallangatta when we could not see the nose in front of our face.
      • the close encounter of the un-kind at Cockatoo. James and a blue van tried to simultaneously share the same bit of road. The condition of the corner made evasive action almost impossible.
      • Stoner winning 'his' Australian GP for the third successive year.
      • no hot water at our cottage at Cowes. For some, this meant no shower for 3 days (Pew!).
      • Mamola and his VIP pillion having a 'get-off' at turn 4.
      • Lunch at Michael and Lynn's at Mansfield. The offer of a glass of white was VERY tempting.
      • James and Cheryl's steaks at the Tallangatta pub. Beat my Salmon patties hands down.
      • The ride on Tuesday morning from Tallangatta to Corryong...relaxing, crisp, great gentle curves.
      • The great big fluffy towels at Rivett.
      • Delicious Banana, Honey and Cinnamon muffins awaiting my arrival home, and pork chops topped with grilled cheese and onion for dinner.